Animated Type

Over the weekend I began animating my hand-type! Its a little slow and rough at the moment.




quickie from class today



sketchbook peeps

some sketchbook scribbles with some colour thrown on in there.
any sketches resembling someone you know.... means they probably were in one of my electives.

Thanks fer reading.


Italy Sketchbook

As promised, here's my favourites from my Italy sketchbooks.

I'll make another post about Italy with some photos and maybe some more sketches. This was long over-due. This trip was completely amazing and so beneficial to my artwork. I'm extremely glad I was able to go.

sparrow and hare

Here are two lino-prints that I created last year and never uploaded. While scanning these I remembered how much I enjoyed making them- cutting the lino black, while time consuming, was rhythmic and almost meditative. I'm still very happy with the result of these pieces and I plan to do more. The first piece is printed on regular card stock and the second is printed on this really great cotton-backed wood paper I found at a Curry's downtown.

Next post will contain sketches and photos from my trip to Italy in the summer!